Michelin Guide: three restaurants in the Canary Islands, among the 16 new places “too good” to miss:

The Canary Islands shine in the Michelin Guide with the inclusion of three Canarian restaurants among the new and select restaurants they recommend.

The Canary Islands shines in the Michelin Guide with the inclusion of three restaurants from the Canary Islands among the new and select places to recommend. In May 2023, the prestigious Michelin Guide Spain added 16 establishments that are undoubtedly “too good” to miss. Among them are the restaurant SeBE – Costa Teguise (Lanzarote, Canary Islands), Casa Romántica (Valle de Agaete, island of Gran Canaria) and Sorondongo (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, island of Gran Canaria).

In this month’s Michelin Guide list, in addition to three restaurants from the Canary Islands, there are also proposals such as the innovative Gastrobodega Martín Berasategui in the charming Valladolid town of Rueda, as well as international options such as the delightful flavour of Cantonese cuisine at Baoli or the exquisite Georgian gastronomy at Nunuka. In addition, we cannot fail to mention other options that are more rooted in local tradition, such as Hábitat Cigüeña Negra, Sorondongo and La Meancera. Would you like to discover them with us?


Baoli – Madrid is the perfect place for those looking for a combination of elegance and exoticism. With the Li Bao brothers at the helm, Felipe in the kitchen and María in the service, this centrally located restaurant opposite the Teatro de la Zarzuela will transport you to Imperial China with its sophisticated ambience and outstanding collection of porcelain vases. As well as delighting you with the essence of Cantonese cuisine and family recipes with avant-garde touches, Baoli – Madrid surprises with unique reinterpretations of Western dishes, such as the delicious Char-Siu Ibérico Wellington.

Immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic experience at Gastrobodega Martín Berasategui, located in Rueda, Valladolid. In this modern restaurant, masterfully reproduced by chef Naucet Betancourt, you will have the opportunity to feel like the legendary Theseus in search of the Minotaur. The restaurant is located in El Hilo de Ariadna, a spectacular 15th century winery belonging to the Yllera Group, which extends underground in labyrinthine corridors and galleries.

In Valverde del Fresno, Cáceres, is Hábitat Cigüeña Negra, a must for lovers of grilled meats. In this isolated rural hotel, named after a migratory bird that nests in its extensive estate of more than 220 hectares, full of holm oaks and olive trees, you can enjoy a unique experience. They have opted to breed RetWagyu cattle, exclusive to the estate and the result of a cross between Retinta cows and Wagyu stallions. In addition to its magnificent rooms to disconnect and enjoy the Sierra de Gata, its restaurant-grill stands out for its regional menu offering a variety of grilled meat cuts.

In Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, is SeBE, renowned for its spectacular rice dishes prepared by the talented self-taught chef Santi Benéitez. With his wife Begoña Ratón leading the service in the dining room, this cosy restaurant stands out for its cuisine with soul and personality, highlighting the local products of the region, in particular the delicious fish and seafood from the marine reserve of La Santa. With its aesthetics in harmony with the island surroundings, SeBE offers an authentic gastronomic experience where traditional flavours are combined with refined techniques, accompanied by a selection of wines from small Canarian producers.

If you are looking for a relaxed place to eat in Valladolid, after enjoying the splendid tapas offer in the capital, we recommend Suite 22. This restaurant, located in the former stables of the Palacio del Marqués de Castromonte, captivates both for its contrasting aesthetics (a room with a 15th century vault and contemporary decoration) and its gastronomic proposal. Self-taught chef Emilio Martín, who came from the IT field, followed his passion and decided to explore his culinary creativity, offering a modern and personal cuisine that moves away from formalisms. The menu stands out for its three suggestive menus, all of them starting with his famous Corchifrito, winner of the National Competition in 2020 and world runner-up in 2021.

Discover Tuétano, a restaurant in Mérida that prides itself on its connection with history. Located just a few metres from the oldest Muslim fortress on the Iberian Peninsula, this place defends the philosophy of preserving what is indigenous and prides itself on “being what we preserve”. In its cosy dining room, the tables are set on a glass floor that allows you to contemplate the remains of a Roman domus discovered in its subsoil. With separate areas for tapas, lunch or a drink, Tuétano does not hesitate to opt for the splendid Joselito cold meats to whet the appetite, roasts and delicious grilled meats.

Casa Romántica, in Agaete, among the three new restaurants from the Canary Islands in the guide.


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