Granadilla reopens beaches for bathing, maintains precautions due to microalgae

Granadilla's beaches reopen for swimming with ongoing microalgae precautions; Arico sustains yellow flag as no microalgae were detected this morning.

The beaches in Granadilla, which were closed due to the presence of microalgae, are set to reopen for bathing. However, a yellow flag will be in place, signifying the need for caution when engaging in swimming or diving activities.

In response to the microalgae presence along its coastline, the town took the precautionary step of temporarily closing its beaches for bathing. The decision was announced on Tuesday, just before 9:00 PM, with the Council noting the appearance of a stain moving along the coast. The measure was taken to ensure the safety of beachgoers, and the red flag was raised, indicating the prohibition of bathing in the municipality’s coastal areas.

The Granadilla Town Hall emphasized that the situation seems to be a natural occurrence affecting other parts of the island, rather than a spill. Despite this, the decision to maintain the closure remains in place until the results of analytical tests are obtained, ensuring the beaches’ healthiness.

Granadilla reopens beaches for bathing, maintains precautions due to microalgae.

In light of the findings, it was revealed that the E. coli bacteria levels analyzed range between 10 and 20 NMP per 100 ml. These values are significantly below the maximum permissible level of 500 NMP per 100 ml, as specified by national regulations governing bathing water quality.

The council clarified that values below 250 indicate “excellent quality.” Therefore, the minimal levels of detected faecal contamination along Granadilla’s coastline ensure an excellent quality of bathing water.

Granadilla and Arico: precautionary yellow flag

Arico, on the other hand, conducted an inspection of its area and determined the absence of microalgae stains. As a preventative measure, they have opted to maintain the yellow flag status, prepared for any potential future detection.

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