Tourism in Tenerife on the rise: over 747,000 travellers opt for the island in August

In the month under consideration, Tenerife accounted for 37% of all arrivals for tourism in the Canary Islands, followed closely by Gran Canaria at 28%. Lanzarote came next with 18%, and Fuerteventura held a 13% share of the total arrivals.

In August, Tenerife welcomed a total of 747,123 passengers, marking a 4.9% increase compared to the previous year, equivalent to an additional 34,644 passengers. This figure also surpassed the arrivals recorded in August 2019 by 3%.

Lope Afonso, the vice-president and councillor for Tourism, emphasized Tenerife’s leadership in tourism across the archipelago. The island demonstrated growth in national, inter-island, and international traffic, surpassing last year’s figures and solidifying its status as a top destination. Afonso emphasized the robust health of Tenerife’s tourism sector and the commitment to providing high-quality services.

In terms of arrivals, Tenerife accounted for 37% of the total arrivals in the Canary Islands for the month, followed by Gran Canaria with 28%, Lanzarote with 18%, and Fuerteventura with 13%. La Palma (3%), El Hierro (1%), and La Gomera (0.3%) followed. Most of the islands, except for La Palma and Fuerteventura, saw an increase in arrivals compared to the previous year.

Domestic traffic to Tenerife saw 325,670 passengers, a 3.6% increase from the previous August. This increase was driven by a 1.4% rise in mainland traffic and a remarkable 7% increase in inter-island traffic.

Tourism in Tenerife on the rise: over 747,000 travellers opt for the island in August.

International traffic recorded 421,453 passengers for the month, marking a 5.9% increase compared to August 2022 and a 6.8% increase compared to August 2019. Apart from a few markets such as Italy, Iceland, Hungary, and Denmark, which experienced reduced traffic, most markets showed growth in arrivals to Tenerife in August.

Tenerife South Airport received nearly 63% of the arrivals in August, totaling 467,775 passengers, a 6.3% increase from the previous year. Tenerife North Airport, with a 2.5% increase, handled 37.4% of the month’s traffic, serving 279,348 passengers.

In the first eight months of 2023, Tenerife maintained connectivity with 29 markets, slightly fewer than the 32 it was connected to during the same period in 2019. This reduction was due to the discontinuation of connectivity from Senegal, Israel, Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. However, Tenerife added connectivity to the USA and Slovenia, which were not present in 2019. Compared to 2022, Tenerife had one more market, totaling 29 compared to 28 in the same period the previous year. Furthermore, in 2023, connectivity was maintained with Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Venezuela, which were not operational in 2022, offsetting the balance of markets from the previous year.

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