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What is open in Tenerife this Maundy Thursday?

Certain services in Tenerife will experience changes to their regular opening hours.

Maundy Thursday, falling on 28th March this year, stands out as one of the key public holidays, with many seizing the opportunity for an extended weekend getaway. As it’s a recognized bank holiday, most businesses shut their doors to the public, making it essential to know which services in Tenerife will remain operational.

Designated by the Ministry of Employment, Industry, and Trade of the Canary Islands Government as a “non-substitutable” holiday, according to the Order of 27 June 2011, it cannot be shifted by autonomous communities to fit their own schedules. However, in tourist-heavy zones, retail outlets have the autonomy to decide their operational hours.

Regarding the restaurant industry, terrace closing times may extend by an hour over regular municipal regulations, applicable to both winter and summer seasons.

On Maundy Thursday in Tenerife, apart from essential services like healthcare, law enforcement, firefighting, and security, other sectors remain active:

What is open in Tenerife this Maundy Thursday?

  • Pharmacies: Those on call or advertised as open 365 days a year will continue service. A full list by municipality is accessible online.
  • Bakeries: New franchises and small local bakeries will open, offering bread and related products.
  • 24-hour shops: Convenience stores and mini-supermarkets usually maintain their standard operating hours.
  • Bars and Cafés: Owners may choose to open, capitalizing on the holiday crowd, varying by individual establishment decisions.
  • Petrol Stations: While not all are open, many continue service, similar to pharmacies, and it’s advisable to check which ones are operational.
  • Shopping Centres: In tourist zones, centres like Siam Mall, Rosa Center, and Martiánez Shopping Centre usually stay open. Most island malls, including Meridiano, La Villa, Añaza, Mediamarkt, Nivaria Center, and El Corte Inglés, will welcome visitors from 10:00 to 22:00 hours.
  • Supermarkets: Essential services like Mercadona, Hiperdino, Alcampo, Carrefour, Aldi, and Lidl, remain open with regular hours due to their essential service status, despite the public holiday.

It’s recommended to check the specific opening hours on their official websites as, while the centres might be open, not every store within will be.

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