Tenerife hosts Spain’s most festive town: a celebration every 4 days

This town in Tenerife, deeply rooted in community and tradition, distinguishes itself by hosting an impressive 80 celebrations annually.

Spaniards are renowned for their zest for good food and vibrant celebrations, with some of the country’s festivities, like the Sanfermines and La Tomatina, gaining international fame. However, one town surpasses all others in its frequency of festivities, hosting an astonishing 80 celebrations a year, which equates to one every four days.

This town is Los Realejos in Tenerife, where the fabric of community life is tightly woven with tradition. Its steep streets bear witness to the local inhabitants’ fervor and passion for their celebrations, transforming each event into a distinct and memorable experience.

Los Realejos has a rich history connected to its diverse neighbourhoods, each rooted in traditions and celebrations that trace back to the origins of their respective hermitages. These hermitages laid the foundations for both the neighbourhoods and their festivities, according to local historian Manuel Jesús Hernández.

Tenerife hosts Spain's most festive town: a celebration every four days

Central to these celebrations are the Fiestas de Mayo, which honour the Cross, as well as the festivities for Virgen del Carmen, San Vicente, and the Romería de San Isidro Labrador. These events are deeply entrenched in religious traditions and have been sustained through generations by the community’s dedication and devotion.

One of the most iconic celebrations is the Festival of the Crosses, regarded as a cultural heritage. Los Realejos is pushing for this festivity to gain international recognition. This event features a spirited competition between the residents of El Medio and El Sol streets, showcasing beautifully decorated crosses, evolving into a unique spectacle on the island.

Tenerife hosts Spain's most festive town: a celebration every four days

The celebration dedicated to the Virgen del Carmen also stands out, fostering community unity for centuries through devotion to the patron saint of sailors. This festival is marked by various activities, from children’s events to processional parades, demonstrating the town’s reverence in diverse ways.

Each festival in Los Realejos is a collaborative community effort, from organizing to financing the celebrations. While these festivities have a significant economic impact, boosting local commerce and the pyrotechnics industry, their true value lies in the preservation of local traditions and the strengthening of community bonds.

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