The Tenerife town that is a triumph every summer with its three wild black sand beaches

The volcanic origin of the Canary Islands gives the islands spectacular black sand beaches that merge with the blue of the Atlantic Ocean and some of them are not to be missed in Tenerife.

Tenerife boasts an abundance of natural treasures, making it a challenge to single out the most beautiful area. The island is adorned with enchanting spots, like the laurel forests, majestic volcanic rock walls that gracefully meet the sea – exemplified by the Cliffs of the Giants, and a collection of paradisiacal golden sandy beaches and untamed black sand beaches.

The volcanic origin of the Canary Islands gifts the region with striking black sand beaches that blend harmoniously with the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

In the northern municipality of La Orotava, Tenerife conceals three marvelous beaches, renowned for their black sand, and serving as a testament to the volcanic nature of the Canary Islands. However, the waters in the north are known for their strong currents and waves, demanding cautious swimming and adherence to water condition warnings.


El Bollullo beach is an epitome of natural charm, making it one of Tenerife’s finest beaches. Nestled at the edge of a cliff in El Rincón, a few kilometers away from La Orotava, this idyllic beach offers a perfect escape. However, swimmers must exercise great care due to the sea’s unpredictable nature. Accessible by public transport or car, be mindful of limited parking. Visitors must descend a set of stairs to reach the beach, and at the beginning of the walk, there are restaurants offering meals with spectacular panoramic views.


Another award-winning gem of Tenerife is Los Patos beach, located in La Orotava. This wild and naturally pristine black sand beach provides a tranquil refuge away from the bustling world. Like El Bollullo, Los Patos is favored by water sports enthusiasts, such as surfers and bodyboarders, drawn to its consistent waves throughout the year. The beach is also known as a spot for nudism. Improved access through new stairs has made the journey easier, and the walk is undoubtedly worth it.


Playa del Ancón, situated in the north of Tenerife within the municipality of La Orotava, is a stunning beach separated from Los Patos beach by a protruding outcrop known as Punta del Ancón. To reach this black sand paradise, visitors embark on a 20 to 30-minute walk from the designated parking area, resulting in a less crowded environment compared to other nearby beaches. Ancon Beach offers no services like restaurants or sun loungers, preserving its unspoiled beauty. Swimming requires utmost caution here, considering the characteristic waves and currents of the northern sea in Tenerife.

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