Unemployment in the Canary Islands declines to its lowest since November 2007

The Canary Islands currently have a total 170,534 unemployed persons.

The number of registered unemployed persons dropped by 1.52% in the November figures vis-a-vis October’s statistics on unemployment. In the region, there are a total of 170,534 jobless individuals, which is the smallest amount recorded for any month of November ever since 2007. The drop in unemployment is especially impressive since it occurs in a month – November – when employment traditionally declines in the Canary Islands.

In the Canary Islands, unemployment has reduced by 6,250 persons, that is, by 326,250 people within one year – 15.750 or 6,250 people and 8450 percent.

Unemployment in the Canary Islands declines to its lowest November figure since 2007

In most sectors such as Services (2,012 job-seeking persons or -1.52%), Individuals without prior employment (prior being 269 job-seeking persons or -1.82%), Construction (prior being 192 unemployed or -1.2%).

Out of the 170,534 jobless persons registered in November, women constituted 97,730 indicating decrease of 1,655 women (-1.67%) while men represented 72,804 with the fall of 981 compared to the previous month (-1.33%).

There was a fall of 365 individuals in job-seeking youths less than the age of 25 years (-3.5%) and an increase in job-seeking persons above the age of 25 by 2,271 individuals (+1.4%).

Furthermore, a total of 65,109 contracts were registered in November in the Canaries with temporary contracts amounting to 54.74 percent (35,643) and permanent contracts covering 45.26 percent (29,466).

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