Discover Tenerife’s latest brew: now available at Teide!

The new craft brew available at Teide comes from the esteemed TACOA brewery.

In the upcoming weeks, Volcano Teide, the entity overseeing the Teide cable car operations, in collaboration with the Canarian brewery TACOA, is set to unveil a craft beer that draws inspiration from the narratives and ethos of the Teide Legend exhibition and comic. This new brew is encapsulated in a 33-centilitre glass bottle and crafted using pure, natural ingredients including water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. Designed to mirror the characteristics of Pale Ale beers, it boasts a 4.5% alcohol content.

Tasters can anticipate a beer with a modest alcohol level, presenting a clear golden-orange hue. It’s characterised by the scent of citrus-infused hops, a medium level of bitterness, and a dense, stable head.

New brew available at Teide

The initial batch of 1,000 bottles will be made available at the Volcano Teide shop and café situated at the Teide cable car visitor centre, a location that recently celebrated the launch of the Teide Legend exhibition.

This collaboration, part of a sustained commitment to promoting local, zero-kilometre products, has been solidified through agreements between Ignacio Sabaté Bel, director of Volcano Teide, and Eric del Toro, manager of TACOA.

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