Unemployment in the Canary Islands falls by 3,699 in April

Compared to the same month in 2022, the Canary Islands have a decrease in unemployment by 19,289 persons in April of 2023.

Unemployment in the Canary Islands registered in the public employment offices fell in April by 3,699 people, 2.02 %, although its annual decrease stands at 9.69 %, as compared to the same month in 2022 the islands have 19,289 fewer unemployed, according to data released this Thursday by the Spain’s Ministry of Labour.

Of the 179,692 unemployed registered in the archipelago at the end of last month, 93,118 belong to the province of Las Palmas, where this indicator fell by 1.60 %, with 1,515 fewer unemployed, and by 9.35 % in year-on-year terms (with 9,609 fewer unemployed). -9.682 -10,06

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, for its part, concentrated 86,574 unemployed, 2,184 and 2.46 % less, at the close of the fourth month of this year, although in inter-annual terms the decrease is 10.06 %, with 9,682 fewer unemployed.

By sector, of the 179,692 unemployed in the archipelago, 138,609 belong to the services sector, 16,161 to construction, 14,363 people have no previous employment, 6,771 are in the industrial sector and 3,788 in agriculture.

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