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Sunday in the Canary Islands: the weather forecast

Minimum temperatures will decrease across the Canary Islands.

The upcoming weather forecast for the Canary Islands suggests that there will be a dominance of low cloud intervals with an overall high cloudiness, shifting towards cloudier conditions as the day progresses, as per the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

There is a likelihood of generally light and scattered rainfall, although by the afternoon, there may be some locally moderate rainfall or showers, especially in the inland, southern, and eastern regions of the islands.

There will be no significant change in maximum temperatures, while minimum temperatures are expected to see a slight decrease. The wind will be predominantly light to moderate from the northeast, generally weakening and shifting to easterly across the islands.

Sunday in the Canary Islands: the weather forecast

For Gran Canaria, similar weather conditions are anticipated, with the island experiencing an increase in cloudiness from midday onwards. Rainfall, mostly light and scattered, is expected, with the possibility of locally moderate rain or showers in the afternoon, particularly in the inland, southern, and eastern areas.

Maximum temperatures on Gran Canaria will remain stable, and there will be a minor decrease in minimum temperatures. Winds from the northeast will be light to moderate, generally lessening in intensity.

In Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, temperatures are forecasted to moderately decline, and the chance of rain will be minimal.

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