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Latest weather update for the Santa Cruz Ball of Magos event

According to the weather forecast, rain may affect the renowned festival being held today in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) indicates in its weather report for this Thursday that a varied cloud cover is expected across the Canary Islands. The northern regions of the larger islands will experience mostly cloudy skies in the early morning hours, while the rest of the islands will generally see clearer skies, with some intermittent cloudiness in the western areas.

The forecast also indicates a chance of light and sporadic showers during the first half of the day, primarily in the northeastern parts of the islands.

Temperature-wise, conditions will remain stable, though there will be a slight increase in the higher elevations at the central peaks. Temperature ranges will span from a high of 24 degrees Celsius in Tenerife to a low of 13 degrees Celsius on El Hierro.

Latest weather update for the Santa Cruz Ball of Magos

Winds from the northeast will blow moderately across the islands, with periods of stronger gusts on the southeastern and northwestern slopes. At higher altitudes, winds will be lighter and from the east.

Maritime conditions will feature northeasterly winds at force 4 or 5, intensifying to force 6 near the southeast and western coasts. The sea will experience north swells of 1 to 2 metres, and in the southwest, conditions will vary between force 2 and 3 with rough seas or swells. Occasional showers are also expected in the northern coastal areas.

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