Avoid ascending to “take photos” of the Tenerife fire, authorities urge

The authorities appeal for "prudent judgment" and avoid taking photographs to ensure that the Tenerife roads are accessible for firefighters and other emergency personnel.

Fernando Clavijo, President of the Canary Islands Government, has urged people not to venture into the vicinity of the Tenerife fire for the purpose of taking photographs. He emphasized the importance of exercising “prudent judgment” in this sensitive situation for the island.

Yesterday, individuals were spotted along the roads near the fire, armed with cameras and mobile phones, obstructing the firefighting efforts.

The Cabildo de Tenerife has requested that roads be kept clear whenever possible, avoiding unnecessary travel. The imposed confinements were intended to facilitate quicker and more effective action by firefighters.

Authorities urge to avoid taking photographs of Tenerife fire.

Fernando Clavijo, the President of the Canary Islands, noted that the fire exhibited relatively normal behavior last night compared to other nights, when unusual wind and weather conditions posed challenges.

This improved situation has allowed resources to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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